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What is Fineblanking?

Fineblanking is a specialized metal-forming process that combines cold extrusion and stamping technologies to produce parts that cannot be made by other stamping methods. With specially designed tooling and presses, fineblanking allows precision stampings to be produced that have clean-sheared edges; little or no die break; thin web sections; exceptional flatness; smaller holes relative to material thickness; and two-dimensional forms with minimal distortion.

Why is Fineblanking Important?

Fineblanking can provide a significant cost savings. Fineblanking comes with cost savings because production is done in a single operation, and it can be used on a wide variety of metals to produce parts with many forms. The process results in precise finished components and eliminates the need for costly secondary operations such as shaving, milling, reaming, broaching and grinding.


Traditional Stamping

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Typical Applications

Typical Applications

  • Flanges
    • Engine Exhaust
    • Air Conditioning Pipe
    • EGR Fittings
    • Turbo Charger
  • Transmissions
    • Bearing Retainers
    • Sprocket Plates
    • Shift Linkage
    • Shift Detent Plates
  • Vehicle Body Enclosures
    • Pedals
    • Seating
    • Window Regulator
    • Latches
  • Fluid Handling
    • Pump Cover Plates
    • Cooling Systems
    • Air Flow Sensors